Arbor Style

That's always the question. What are you doing for your arbor? It will be in EVERY single ceremony picture, so it has to be different, represent you, or fit your style. We decided to go with the woodsy-DIY theme. Surprise, surprise. We found two old wooden ladders to be the support system on the side, and bought 6 ft wood sticks from Ikea ( to be the top. We soaked the sticks in water with weights in the middle to create a permanent curve in the wood, thus making it easier to bend for the top of the Arbor. We attached the wood sticks on either side of the ladder with twine and joined them in the middle (top of arbor). Too break up the wood we added some green leaves from our tree in our backyard. Last we tied some lace around two metal buckets filled with the same green leave/branches from our backyard and put them on the ladders. In total our arbor only cost us about $25. 

Rachelle AgustinComment